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Oracle Hardware – How to replace a Blade from a Sun Blade 8000 chassis.

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Today I will do a post with some nice photos of blades hardware ;o)

Well, on this post we’re going to describe the process of replacing a faulty blade, for a good one.


-To have the replacement blade, equal to the one that we are replacing, would be a good start.

Blade X8400_5

To replace a Blade, we basically need to follow this steps:

1.- Power off blade,

2.- Remove the blade from the chassis, -the chassis without blade will look like this:

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis

3.- Take off the blade’s cover,

4.- Remove and set aside the HDs of the blade (better leave them in top of an anti-static mat)

5.- Remove and set aside the RAM SIMMs of the blade (and leave them in the anti-static mat)

6.- Remove and set aside the CPUs Heat Dissipators of the blade (and leave them in the anti-static mat)

7.- Clean the CPUs and the Heat Dissipators of the heat conducting paste with a special cleaning cloth
(you can buy them on and IT shop, next to the heat conducting paste)

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis_1New

8.- Remove and set aside the CPUs of the blade (and leave them in the anti-static mat)

9.- Prepare the new blade, and take off it’s cover,

10.- Insert the CPUs from the old blade,

11.- Apply new heat conducting paste to each CPU (with the syringe: I usually put a big dot in the center, but if you really want to get into it, there are lots of pages on the internet about how to corrrectly apply heat dissipator paste to a CPU),

12.- Put the CPU Heat Dissipators (careful with the pressure applied to the screws, you don’t want one of this broken – in fact, I always screw them crossed like the car tires: if we have screws 1,2,3,4, I will half screw 1, 3, 2, 4, and then finish off 1,3,2,4 again, that ensures even pressure has been applied to the heat dissipator),

13.- Put the RAM DIMMs,

14.- Put the HDs,

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis_3New

15.- Put the cover, and reseat the blade on the chassis,

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis_6End

16.- Power On, and check the lights for green ( if an orange light appears, look at the ILOM, you may have a problem ;o(  )

The old blade will look all empty and sad on one side:

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis_4Old

This instructions are from a Sun Blade 8000, but they are pretty simmilar for an IBM BladeCenter blade.

In any case, this procedure is usually performed by an Oracle Field Service Engineer (FSE), as a blade or motherboard is a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU), not a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU); but it may be of use to those who have a blade at home, or to the inquisitive type sysadmins.

And that’s about the size of it,

thanks for reading.



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