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HowTo: detect and connect to Oracle / Sun Microsytems ILOMs (Integrated Lights Out Manager)


· A laptop PC (with windows)
· NetScan from Softperfect (it’s free for personal & professional use)
· An ethernet cable (ie: cat5-6, normal cable -no crossover needed-)


1.- If you haven’t done it already, go to Softperfects web and download the latest version of NetScanner.
Why I like this program? well, it’s free, it’s portable (I love portables BTW), it’s one of the best scanners that I have seen, and it’s free (did I say that already?).

2.- Conect your laptop to the “Net Mgmt” ethernet port of your server, and change your laptop’s local IP address to, with a gateway of

3.- Open NetScan, let it identify your NICs IP network, and start the scan.


4.- As soon as you have 2 entries displayed on NetScan, you can save time and pause the scan process.


5.- Select the last IP shown, and right click, open as Secure HTTP (HTTPS).


6.- Voilá, You may get a certificate error, ignore that, and you will be able to login;


a browser windows should have opened with the ILOM login’s page.

remember that the default user/password to access is root/changeme.

7.- Now you can do what you wanted to do in the ILOM, log off, and go for another server…