Sysadmin's Shouts!

a blog for sysadmin's rants and raves…


I am Carlos Ijalba, an IT professional with +24 years experience in systems installation and administration.

I administer in a day to day basis UNIX platforms (AIX), Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL, OEL), VMware & Oracle VM hypervisors, Storage systems (SAN, NAS, Storage Virtualizers, Tape, Brocade switches), Backups (IBM Spectrum Protect, Tivoli Storage Manager, Veeam Backup, VMware vDP, IBM FlashCopy Manager) and Monitoring software (NagiosXI, SNMP, lpar2rrd, WebInject, Spectrum Control).

I opened this blog to share some knowledge with everybody, since I have found so many times help on the internet, that I want to give something back to the community.

Just hope to entertain you and offer experiences and tools to share that may help somebody some way or other  ;o)


Mi LinkedIn public profile can be perused at:


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