New Technology on the Media Entertainment

In our days, we have all realized how technology changes our lifes, and what can be done with computer graphics on the media entertainment, as the animated movies are not hand drawn anymore (even Walt Disney had to give up to technology instead of traditional, hand crafted artwork) and the new movies are true pieces of electronic art on their own.

But there are some pieces of amazing software that are used to do special effects, which deserve to be looked at more closely.
One of this pieces of software is MASSIVE:

MASSIVE uses technology used for mimicking real life behaviour of flocks, herds, etc. basically replicating the movements of individuals when they are in masses (and all based on artificial intelligence study).

What can this be used for, I hear you say! -easy: to create lots of people or animals for movies, video games, etc. saving LOTS of money and time in filming, and creating more credible scenarios (for example, there is no logical limit for adding soldiers on battleground sequences = more carnage!).

MASSIVE is a plugin for MAYA, a 3d graphics package used by professionals.


Another is Alien Skin:

Alien Skin are the makers of 2 great graphic effects plugins Eye Candy & Blow-Up:

EYE-CANDY uses the latest algorithms created for drawing real-life effects like water, ice, smoke, fire, glass, metal, fur, rust, etc.

BLOW-UP uses the latest algorithms in the graphic study to enlarge graphics as much as possible (Near as good as .

EYE-CANDY and BLOW-UP are plugins for the well-known graphic manipulation program Photoshop.
And more than likely that there are a loadful of other utilities out there, but this have been the 3 that have surprised me the most, and I felt compelled
to explain it in my blog.

Thanks for reading!.


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